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L'âme est pleine d'étoiles filantes

11 January

I opened this page 'cause i needed a place where i cuold write all the things that worry me, and since i'm not really an " actual diary girl" i found myself here.
i don't really know why, but i feel more at ease writing my thoughts in english and since i'm 100% italian ... that means a lot of grammar mistakes...sorry!

My journal is about my every day life... so it's probably boring...
Anyway I talk ( read rant) about anything and everything that happens to me. I'm so addicted to lj! Everyy time I find something interesting I post about it. Not meaning that I post everyday, so I won't obsess you. Also I love the comment 'casue I alway like to hear what other think.

Mmmmmmm... you should probably know that when I'm really into something I could go on gushing over it for day.
Just to warn you :}

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